About Stellent Yachts

STELLENT FRACTIONAL YACHT OWNERSHIP IS THE EPITOME OF EXCLUSIVITY, providing an exhilarating experience of uncompromised safety, luxury, adventure, unrivaled service and enviable performance yachts!

Stellent Fractional Yacht Ownership Launches Southern California Operations: Mexico based Stellent Yachts Marks International Expansion...

Stellent Yacht's, a Mexico-based premier provider of fractional share offerings in yachts of the highest quality and an accompanying highly tailored concierge service is proud to promote the opening of a new location in Malibu, California to expand their fractional offerings and start their West Coast Regional Program.

Fractional Yacht ownership and the accompanying management program offered by STELLENT provides an ideal opportunity for personal leisure time spent with family and friends or companies to acquire an innovative, tax-efficient corporate asset for use as a marketing tool, prestigious incentive offering, corporate meetings, motivating and thanking your employees, introducing new initiatives, or perhaps just looking for a fun way to value your clients or simply as an exclusive get-away means for corporate executives.

STELLENT has an unrivaled reputation when it comes to performing for its clients. STELLENT constantly strives to surpass its client's expectations; it is the company's willingness and ability to make its client's dreams come true that sets STELLENT a cut above the competition. Plus being discreet and respecting privacy is a core value of our company.

Stellent’s Fractional Yacht Ownership program has the pleasure of serving some of the world’s most successful and highest profile individuals and corporations. Be it executives, celebrities, families or groups of friends, they serve anyone who believes life is too short not to live it fully. Success at that level is consuming and comes at a high price and they understand it is a rough personal road that leads to those heights of greatness; however, there is still an escape for those seeking tranquility and a transcendental state of spiritual well being. Hidden in plain sight, just outside densely packed Southern California offices, are sweeping views of the glistening Pacific Ocean, numerous coastal islands with secluded beaches and breathe taking views along the coastline all the way down to Baja California Mexico.

Kick back and soak up some sun, cruise from close-to-home, and relax like you're a million miles away!

Give your ideas the freedom they deserve and enjoy the difference. All that’s missing is you...


CONTACT US and discover how buying a share in Stellent's Fractional Ownership Program is the most economical and cost effective way to gain access to these elite oceangoing works of art. From reduced expenses, shared revenue, and potential tax benefits, this is the future of yacht ownership.