Kick back and soak up some sun, cruise from close-to-home, and relax like you're a million miles away!

Southern California is one of the most scenic and sought after destinations on the west coast for yachting with numerous offshore islands furnishing secluded beaches, epic fishing, numerous costal ports along the coastline to enjoy shopping, spas and fine dining or just a day cruising, and is also the launching pad for voyages down the Baja California peninsula - one of the world’s top yachting destinations.

Being regional allows you to use your yacht for a day at a time, a weekend or as long as you desire within the regional programs usage period allotted time frame based on shares held. STELLENT provides an ownership program that most closely replicates full ownership. You sail on your yacht when you want and you know your captain on a first-name basis. No other program offers this level of outstanding customer service. So, if you want to get away for the day and relax, have a company meeting, entertain friends or do some fishing – no problem, want to get away for the weekend – no problem, want to cruise up or down the coastline for a week – no problem, we offer a simplified scheduling system or if you prefer a simple phone call and we will do the rest.

Our exclusive and unique knowledge of the Pacific Waterways and innovative approach to fractional yachting excellence, create a one-of-a-kind experience. We guarantee exceptional service and take pride in anticipating all the needs for an outstanding experience on the water whether it’s for a corporate business meeting, pleasure cruise or an epic all out big game fishing adventure!

There is nothing on the planet like yachting on the west coast. It truly is a world-class destination that one could spend decades exploring, we are truly privileged to have such a beautiful and rich environment.

Please take a look at some of our most popular cruising destinations

Island Destinations
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Marinas,Hotels, Ports
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California and Mexico Coastline
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Epic Offshore Fishing
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CONTACT US and discover how buying a share in Stellent's Fractional Ownership Program is the most economical and cost effective way to gain access to these elite oceangoing works of art. From reduced expenses, shared revenue, and potential tax benefits, this is the future of yacht ownership.